This is the only 2014 Nissan rogue rumor here in Chile cut back it’s very cold morning about minus 20C and we’re here to test drive, the new road so what’s unique about. This new 2014 model it looks a lot bigger but it’s a bit sort of a bit of an optical illusion here over all the road is actually a tad shorter than the previous model but it definitely is wider and it’s definitely taller in the stretch the wheel base just a little bit and what that does is it allows the road. To now have an optional third row of seats so small SUV with 3 rows of seats is quite unique the only other product that has is available is the Mitsubishi Outlander, Sony San has the same 4 cylinder engine.

2014 Nissan RogueBut they’ve also been able to improve fuel economy bigger vehicle with better fuel economy get more into that as we drive along now they’re trying to say that this is every day premium so premium features, for everybody you get LED daytime running lights and new Nissan Rogue hid headlights in the front the definitely give it a nice looking appearance you got marker lights in the mir nice looking design, looks like a mini pathfinder and that’s not a bad thing and then on the inside you got some nice soft touch materials so that’s an overview of the outside of the out new Nissan rogue. It comes in different trim levels the middle one will be the most popular in Canada the base the S in the SP come with 17 inch wheels if you get the top trim level you get 18 inch wheels so it’s freezing out here I’m gonna get inside go for a drive and then head out on the ice course the sand is done a good job of delivering a pleasant looking gash with features people really want.

The middle SV trim will be the most popular due to 17 inch alloy wheels fog lights heated seats power driver seat and a huge panoramic moonroof for $26740 in front wheel drive and $2000 more to get it in all wheel drive to get the 3 row version the SP needs to be equipped with the $2050 family tech package that might be worth the stretch because it really does and pop the goodies they include the third row seats to make this a 7 passenger SUV. In addition this package includes navigation a 7 inch touch screen monitor power liftgate blind spot detection system and lane departure warning system these really our premium features found only in luxury SUVs just a few short years ago. This new 2014 robe is not have a brand new engine however it has been reconfigured not to produce more power still is 170 horsepower but rather reconfigure to achieve better fuel economy. So this new rogue is larger it’s wider it’s taller but is to tad shorter set the longer wheelbase a mention off the beginning.

But itself 48 kilograms heavier so it’s heavier yet he gets better fuel economy one reason is they modified the way that the fuel mixture goes in to the cylinder so that’s a positive and down it has the new continuously variable transmission. The old one did as well but this is the new family. See the teams that are lighter better packaging. And with less friction what that’s being able to do is achieve greater fuel economy 18 percent bomb in fuel economy really is remarkable especially for a vehicle that’s bigger than the outgoing model. Now this CBT is very good actually drive around it takes off from a stop light no problem. I find passing on the highway could use a little bit more off but most people are going to be using this as a daily commuter vehicle it’s got lots of room on the inside and the materials in the way it’s finished really is first rate done some neat things also when you up or on a hill it has he’ll hold and actually when you’re going down a hill and you lift your foot off the throttle it has a bit of engine braking and that’s done too obviously save the brakes but use the engine to break also when you’re cornering it would not even be detected it has a system when you go around corners that applies brake force the inside wheels to help you get around the corner that much easier.

The ride is comfortable it isn’t noisy but they have done a nice thing with the steering it’s it’s not super light. It gives a sense of quality and a little bit of that trucking is that people want in their SUV so overall I think a very good job for them. Well with the new Nissan rogue has a lot of great packaging it’s bigger on the inside beautifully finished it’s more fuel efficient in the outgoing model but have actually dropped the price which makes it even more attractive for Canadian families that need a small compact utility vehicle like this role I really like the styling looks like a miniature pathfinder and that’s a good thing Sony San is on a roll with sales in Canada and this is their best selling vehicle and I think they’re gonna sell more fourteens and they did thirteenths.