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Review: 2005 Nissan Altima SE-R

Ever since the latest version of the Nissan Altima, was introduced in 2002 it it’s been a huge success of no surprise, to the press in attendance. At the old timers world debut this mid size family cars push the envelope of style…


2014 Nissan Rogue review

This is the only 2014 Nissan rogue rumor here in Chile cut back it’s very cold morning about minus 20C and we’re here to test drive, the new road so what’s unique about. This new 2014 model it looks a lot bigger but…


Replace Headlight Bulb on a Toyota Highlander

Alright everybody today and we show you how to replace the headlight this is only 2008 Toyota Highlander this is a hybrid model it’s pretty similar on all them game deliberate tricking so I won’t show you this and I’m a Shorty on…


Mazda will create the new pickup in cooperation with Isuzu.

Mazda has concluded an agreement with Isuzu Motors on the release of the new pickup. The date of release of this model is not yet known. According to the contract, Isuzu will produce its own next-generation pickup D-Max under the brand of Mazda.…


Hyundai trucks.

For any company engaged in cargo transportation, light truck will be indispensable. In the options market there are a lot of this technology. Bypassing the proposed options you should take into account value for money. One of the options become worthy Korean Hyundai…


Nice and just reliable car – “Opel Omega B”.

When it comes to such car as the “Opel Omega B”, motorists remembered a spacious interior and excellent packaging, the incredible lightness and smoothness, abundant of modifications. The car is offered in two body types: Sedan with 4-door and wagon – with 5.…


Automatic 4 WD

In this system under normal driving conditions only one bridge is master. Four-wheel drive is connected, if it is necessary. Typically, this occurs during the slippage of the wheels and, as soon as the slip is eliminated, four-wheel drive is switched off. To…