Alright everybody today and we show you how to replace the headlight this is only 2008 Toyota Highlander this is a hybrid model it’s pretty similar on all them game deliberate tricking so I won’t show you this and I’m a Shorty on the passenger headlight because it’s a little more difficult than the driver side. And the skills are pretty much interchangeable for either side. So you starting see the headlight connector kinda down there our first step is let’s get this Winchell washer. Filler neck. Out of the way so we’re just gonna squeeze these 2 white tabs and lift up. This will give us a lot more working remember here. You just squeeze and twist and it’ll pop right out of the neck of it. And now you can much more clearly see the headlight with the orange connector right here which plugs into the actual bold itself. So That being said the first step going to be reach back here in simply unplug the connector. Should come off fairly well really easily.

toyota highlander headlight bulb replacementAnd then once it does just make sure that. It’s got some grease on it if not make sure you had some bold grease that you can put on there so that. Tom it doesn’t get seized up a credit in the future. Now describe this sub. Reprobate by one of the tabs and peel it off. It’s not does nothing to keep the moisture and dirt out. And now comes a little tricky part of some people struggle with but it’s really easy. There is a metal almost paper clip. Kind of swing gate that holds the bulb and and you have to push and lift up on it a kinda hooks underneath the little metal arm on either side so. With that up swing around and in the bold would just literally come right out your hands. So that’s all there is to getting the old one out. And not much harder to put the new women.

So if you’re gonna put a new beau Ben I suggest you start with a new bulb which what I got here. I also recommend that you wear gloves when you’re putting this and I’m not wearing gloves because I’m pretty confident I can put this in without touching the bowl. If you do touch the ball with your hand you can decrease the life because of the oils. Now we’re sure the correct orientation this is how the book will have to go in Toyota Highlander headlight bulb replacement. And I’ll show it to you live it better from the front which is the way you’re going to be placing at the end of this is the only that the bold. The 2 tabs at the bottom like that. That’s the only that the bobo actually correctly go in. And if you put it incorrectly the bubble literally just sit there because it slides right into these tabs in these little at the tab slot right into little openings.

And it’ll just. That they would not you touching it. So nothing to that never gonna closes with a wire cage. Again you can do the opposite this time at the pushy and. On the on it and make it hook underneath the little piece of metal over on the right hand side. Again nothing difficult about this. No one think this rubber boots just make sure it’s clean not necessarily outside you see here but the inside make sure you don’t have. I’m Derek oil or any moisture on it because this is what keeps the. Dirt and moisture out of the headlight. So you wanna put back and keep your tabs or in like this so that the tablet on the top and bottom.

Its place in a really securely. Then plug your connector back in. The gimmick sugars limited grease on it. And that’s pretty much it now you replace the lights so that only leaves the last step which is basically just to fix the on. When she washer fluid filler neck that we kind of. Disassembled make room somewhat pushback over again on this one handed much easier with 2. Snap these clips bacchanal the frame. Clinton even one hand I’m able to slaughter together that’s it hope this helps see you guys soon.